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Oct 31, 2016

How grateful are you? Science proves that being grateful and focusing on our blessings makes us happier, healthier, and more satisfied and fulfilled in our daily lives. But it can be hard to remember to be grateful especially when life gets challenging. This week we have some reminders:

1. Say it.

Speak your words of gratitude to your family members, friends, co-workers, and even people you run into every day. We inspire and encourage others when we say our blessings out loud.

2. Write it down.

You might try keeping a gratitude journal. Or consider writing a letter to thank someone who has made a difference in your life -- a teacher or relative, or a priest. Or simply send a card or a text message, sharing your thankful thoughts with someone.

3. Remind yourself.

Add time for focusing on gratitude to your daily routine. You might add it to your evening prayers or a family mealtime. Or you could consider setting an alarm to interrupt your day and remind you to look for the good things in your life and work.

4. Look for the good.

Even inside of bad situations, or perhaps especially inside of challenging situations, train yourself to look for the good. make it a habit to turn your thoughts toward the positive, the good and encouraging things you are grateful for -- especially in a moment where you are feeling frustrated or impatient. Hard to do, but the rewards are many -- and the more you do it, the more of a habit it becomes.

We talk this week with Leticia Velasquez, author of A Special Mother Is Born. Leticia shares her challenges and triumphs as a mom of a child with special needs as well as a writer. You can follow Leticia on Twitter!

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Oct 24, 2016

Do you have trouble simply doing what you are doing? Do you suffer from endless to-do lists that run through your head, distracting you from what you are currently doing and causing you unending stress? I think we all do from time to time. In our recent show about being too busy, we discussed red flags that can be signs you need to slow down and remove some activities and responsibilities from your daily life.

In this show, we consider the simple (and yet challenging!) concept of simply doing ONE THING at a time. It is important to give ourselves permission to do this, and to remove unnecessary distractions that rob us of joy and harm our personal relationships. Take a listen and see if God might be asking you to do a little less multi-tasking in your life.

We talk this week with Alana Mitrovich, a wife, teacher, and hoping to be an adoptive mom. Find Alana online at The Catholic Home Economist and consider donating to her cause for adoption at Bring Home Baby Mitrovich.

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The Choice Wine Live (marriage conference I will be speaking at in Jacksonville, Florida, November 19)

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Oct 17, 2016

Is regular physical fitness a challenge for you? I think many of us know we could be doing better, but we get discouraged by ideas of perfection sometimes, or we are not sure where to begin.

I want to encourage every woman to make fitness something that WORKS in her life, as a benefit to her own physical and mental health. Some things to keep in mind:

1) Pick something you enjoy
You won't exercise regularly if you don't enjoy SOME aspect of it. Not every moment needs to be bliss, but choose something you are naturally inclined to do and keep up on a regular basis. Also! Choose a time of day that you are most likely to stick to a work out habit as well.

2) Imagine the benefits
Think of all the ways -- even the small and seemingly insignificant ways -- that you will feel GREAT and look better and have more energy when you do take the time for fitness. Imagine all the details of all the benefits and you will be motivated to get started and/or continue.

3) Reward yourself in healthy ways
Break up big goals into smaller ones and find healthy ways to reward yourself for achieving them. Will treating yourself to a smoothie after your workout get you moving? Or allowing yourself time for a long bath and some downtime with someone you love? Or purchasing a new book when you are consistent in your workouts over the course of a couple of weeks? Whatever motivates you, make it simple, make it small, and then do it!

4) Stop worrying about not doing it "right"
Forget perfection! We sometimes throw away a perfectly good and healthy routine simply because we feel we are falling short of some unrealistic expectation or unrealistic goal we have set for ourselves. Nobody is perfect! Make the adjustments you need to your schedule and your workout and make it work for YOU!

5) Vary your routine
No matter how great your work out routine, we all get bored from time to time. Switch out boring ones, try new activities, or rediscover oldies but goodies. Variety is the spice of life! And the secret to to sticking with your fitness goals.

How about you? What works for you to make fitness a regular part of your life in the leg term? Let me know and I can share your wisdom in a future podcast.

We talk this week with my friend Annemarie Rossi, blogger at Real Food Real Deals. Annemarie shares some ideas about eating well and feeding your family well on a budget, as well as her thoughts on personal triumphs and challenges over the years as wife, mom, friend, and professional.

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Oct 10, 2016

Is social media a tool you use for fun and information? Or has it become something negative in your life? Does it encourage you as a wife and mom, or does it DIScourage you by tempting you to compare your life to others and despair sometimes? This week we are talking about different ways that social media can be a positive or a negative influence in our lives, and how to handle it better, so that we use all things for good.

We talk this week with singer, song writer and youth minister Jackie Francois Angel. Jackie shares some perspective as a new wife and mom, but also recalls her single days with some great words of advice for young women hoping to marry someday. You will not want to miss her HILARIOUS answers in the lightning round too. Check it out!

Jackie's website

Jackie on Twitter

Jackie's music on iTunes

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Oct 3, 2016

Are you too busy? How can you know? This week I broadcast from the Phoenix airport where we discuss some of the warning sigs that you might be too busy and that it may be time to remove some obligations from your calendar.

We talk this week with author Stephanie Engleman. Stephanie shares some of the ways she has felt God's guidance and inspiration in he writing, but also in her daily life as a mom. She is author of A Single Bead which is young adult fiction, but the book sis receiving rave reviews from readers of all ages. Check it out!

Stephanie's website
Stephanie's book, A Single Bead, published by Pauline Books
Stephanie on Twitter

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